Johnny on the Spot LTD. realizes in todays world there's simply not enough hours in the day to complete all the tasks you have on your list.

 So we have gone the extra mile... so to speak, to help our customers out with their daily or weekly tasks. Call us, we'll be there to help by picking up your dirty vehicle and we'll deliver your sparkling clean vehicle right back to you so you can continue to complete the next task.

Johnny sez.... let's us help.... you'll like us ALOT !!!

 Take a look at the menu of services we provide at our Custom Car Wash location

Custom Car Wash - 2802 Pleasant Valley Blvd. Altoona, Pa. 814-944-6995

DELUXE DETAILING - (these services are completed at our 2802 Pleasant Valley Blvd. location)                             

 Deluxe Detailing  from Johnny on the Spot, LTD. includes several services such as.......

Deluxe Detailing with Pick up & Delivery to & from your *desired location

Deluxe Detailing with Customer pick up & drop off to your *desired location

  Call today for an appointment today, let  one of our many detailers help make your daily tasks just a little bit easier.               

 Deluxe Detail packages include:


  • Buff & wax
  • Trunk cleaned
  • Polish chrome
  • Bug & tar removal
  • Deluxe wash & jams
  • Bumper/vinyl top dressing
  • Tires,wheels, & wheel wells cleaned


  • Windows cleaned inside&out
  •  Vacuum
  •  Deodorizing
  •  Carpets & Upholstery Shampoo
  •  Dashboard cleaned & dressed

 *Desired location must be with in 10 miles of Custom Car Wash 2802 Pleasant Valley Blvd. Altoona, Pa   16602


* Full size surcharges may apply to vans, RV's, trucks, station wagons, etc.

* Additional services requested will be charged based upon Johnny on the Spot's predetermined a la carte service fees.

* This offer is not valid with any other coupon or discount.   

  Cars, Vans, RV's, SUV's, Monster Trucks, Motor homes, Motorcycles, Scooters, Pick ups (all sizes) - Anything that could be detailed we'll take care of it!          

 Truck Wash - 4019 Old 6th Ave. Altoona, Pa

Altoona's first Touchless Truck Wash welcomes your dirtiest vehicle.

Our Touchless Truck Wash specializes in DELUXE Cleaning of Commercial-Grade Trucks, & ALL Fleet Vehicles.

Our standard Fleet Vehicle Wash includes:

  • Double Hot Foam
  • Wheel and Fuel Tank Blasters
  • Double High Pressure Rinse

There are NO Excuse for your Company to have a Dirty Image in the road!

In today's market conditions, competition between companies is steep. Having a clean image on the raod with well-kept fleet vehicles is a simple and inexpensive way to get a leg up on the competition or simply maintaining your positive image.

You asked...we answered! Johnny on the Spot, LTD. realized the need for a cost-effective, quality washing service for large fleet vehicles that is convenient and easy.

It couldn't be easier. Fleet vehicle drivers swipe their Wash Card and pull through the Truck Wash to clean their company vehicle.

Check out these cost-savings benefits that have been proven to occur when fleet vehicles are cleaned regularly(about once a week) 

  • Mechanics spend more time under your vehicle. With an unobstructed view of the under chassis, more preventative maintenance is preformed, saving you costly emergency repairs and lost time.
  • Increases the resale value and extends the lifespan of your vehicle by up to (2) two years longer than normal. With regular washes, you're minimizing rust and corrosion from salt, chlorides, and dirt.
  • Lowers vehicle weight by washing debris (like snow & mud) off the undercarriage and wheel wells. The added weight from this debris not only causes unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle, but it can add to your fuel costs as well.
  • It will improve your company image. Your drivers will take pride in operating clean vehicles and it will show in appreciation from your employees. An investmant in your equipment is an investment in people.

All of these can add up to big savings and an increase in workforce morale and efficiency.

It's easy to start today - simply complete and email the application now!




Johnny sez...

EMAIL me @ for Fleet Pricing details. We have the technology that will allow you to have your Fleet of vehicles washed and MONITOR them DAILY on the site! Cuts down on company loss, over charges, and theft!

Call today to open an account now. Monthly bills can be generated and sent directly to your home office or you can provide the Drivers with a Pre-paid Wash Card you refill online @

 It's YOUR COMPANIES Image on the road- make it a clean one !!

Call or email us today for a great rate!



Wash Card / Gift Cards for All occassions....

Looking for just one more gift??? Someone hard to buy for or just not sure how much the detail may run for their vehicle? No worry, get a Wash Card / Gift Card- easy- convienent- you can add money to it later if you need too.

Our Wash Card/Gift Card can be used at any of our locations including Roaring Spring & Johnstown locations, It's accepted at Dominic's of New York resurant located outside of Lowes® of Altoona just off I-99 @ 1707 McMahon Rd. Altoona, Pa 16602.


Don't forget to tell your gift card reciever to register their Wash Card & get a FREE Car Wash in their Birth Month!!




Our pricing system is very simple, but you may have to break out a tape measure...

Vehicles up to 25 feet in length

26'- 40' Ft in length

41'  and above

All prices a based on monthly activity. Please call for details.

*All measurements are the maximum front to back length of a vehicle.

Bays are open & operate 24/7 - 365

Attendant on duty during normal business hours Monday - Friday, weather permitting.

Saturday wash appts. are available by request. there must be a minimum of 6 vehicles for the appt. to send an attendent to open. 

814-932-4145 - ask for an application to be faxed to your business. Open an account and save even MORE money with Johnny on the Spot Truck Wash!

It pays to be clean