Fundraising Programs

Fundraiser Program for Johnny on the Spot, LTD.

We all know that Fundraising can be difficult.... "Should we let the children knock on doors?" you may think, or "Why can't they come up with something different to sell?" you mention to the members...

                                      Well you're in luck because Johnny sez....

         "Try our pre-loaded* Wash Card  for your Fundraiser this time around." 

It will prove to be one of the very best income producers for your fundraiser. It's easy & you'll generate money even AFTER you sell the cards.

Simply purchase the pre-loaded* ($16.00 value)Wash Card for $8.00 then sell it for $10.00. Your Club or Fundraiser keeps the $2.00.

This card has a value of the cost for (2) two Automatic Washes at any of our Johnny on the Spot Automatic Car Wash locations and (1) one sandwich at Dominic's of New York® at the Lowes in Altoona location.

The fundraiser keeps the profit from the sale and the customer gets a Re-loadable*,re-useable Wash Card that can be used at ALL Johnny on the Spot locations in Blair and Cambria Counties PLUS the Dominic's of New York®  in front of Lowes® in Altoona.   

The * total value (pre-loaded amount) of the card compared to the sale price of the card should sell this fundaraiser alone. It's your job to remind the customer to reload* so you get an additional dnation from them eah time they reload the card.

Plus.... Johnny will offer the Organization or Charity, Club, or School District 10% of the total reloads the customers do on their cards. THAT'S UNBELIEVABLE” you may say... but Johnny aims to please!

So this means your fundraiser will make money everytime a card (that you sell) is reloaded* for 90 days after the designated start date the fundraiser began.(We will need to desinate this when you make your arrangements to start the fundraiser.)

*Reloading a card is fast and easy and can be done in the comfort of your own home on your computer or at our Custom Car Wash Location @ 2802 Pleasant Valley Blvd. Altoona, Pa 16602- simply go to and have your credit card ready to add money to the Wash Card you bought from the fundraiser and there it is- your donation- 10% of that added total will go to your fundraiser.

Johnny will simply mail a check to your Fundraiser for 10% of the amount that we collect from your customers.

It's easy to see why @ Johnny on the Spot..... You'll like us ALOT !!!